Resource DVIA: Grade 1 - 2: Science Comparing Leaves
DVIA: Grade 1 - 2: Science Comparing Leaves
  • Created By Jose Arias
  • Description:
    In this activity, students search for different kinds of leaves around their home or at the park. Students can use magnifying glasses to observe the leaves. Some plants have simple leaves shaped like ovals, others are heart-shaped, and still others have parts that stick out called LOBES (think maple leaf). As the students observe, have them describe what they are seeing. Use the attached graphic organizer for students to record their observations. Make sure students notice the VEINS and MIDRIB in the leaf. This is where the nutrients travel. Use either the graphic organizer with 2 boxes or 4.
  • Purpose:
    Students will:
    - observe and describe leaves.
    - learn that leaves come in different shapes, sizes, and even color.
    - learn vocabulary words LOBE, VEINS, and MIDRIB
  • Targets: Student
  • Standards:
  • CS.SCI.1.LS.2.a
    1st Grade
    1st Grade
    2nd Grade