Resource Beginning Sound Scoops
Beginning Sound Scoops
  • Created By melissa
  • Description:
    Use the ice cream cone letters and scoop picture cards to identify beginning consonant sounds of words.
    Choose a sorting mat. Most consonant letters have 5 picture scoops to match, while some have 2, 3, or 4.
    Teacher selects which sorting mats for student to use to help for a more self-correcting activity.
    Students sort the ice cream scoop pictures onto the letter ice cream cone by listening to the beginning consonant sound.
  • Purpose:
    To help students gain understanding of initial consonant sounds.

    I would recommend laminating and cutting out the parts of this activity before sharing with students.
  • Targets: Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CCSS.LA.1.RF.1.2.a
    1st Grade
    1st Grade
    1st Grade