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Resource "We Chose Our Own Adventures" project plan
"We Chose Our Own Adventures" project plan
  • Created By Alec Patton
  • Description:
    This is the plan that my intern, Dean May, and I produced for the "We Chose Our Own Adventures" project. It includes final products, learning goals, common core standards, and a timeline.

  • Purpose:
    Whenever I design a project, I begin with a document like this - it is entirely for my use, and is not meant to be shared. By filling in information under each heading, I ensure that I have thought of all the key points I need to address for the project to work.
  • Targets: Student, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CCSS.LA.11-12.W.CCR.2
    11th Grade, 12th Grade
    11th Grade, 12th Grade
    11th Grade, 12th Grade
    11th Grade, 12th Grade
    11th Grade, 12th Grade
    11th Grade, 12th Grade
    11th Grade, 12th Grade

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