Resource DVIA: Grades 1 -2: Writing Haiku Poetry
DVIA: Grades 1 -2: Writing Haiku Poetry
  • Created By Jose Arias
  • Description:
    Poetry in the classroom is an excellent way for students to express themselves, synthesize information they have learned, and enjoy word play. The haiku is a perfect form of poetry for classroom use because it’s short, does not need to rhyme, and lends itself to any topic. While haikus are traditionally written in the present tense about nature, they can be written about any subject in a variety of contexts.

    The Haiku Starter graphic organizer allows students to brainstorm a list of words about a given topic. This can be done independently or as a group. Students then record the number of syllables next to each of the brainstormed words. This helps students to play with words and phrases and find different combinations that they like with 5 and 7 syllables. Once the poem has been drafted, students can write final copies on a separate sheet of paper and illustrate the poem.
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  • Purpose:
    learn about different types of poetry
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CCCS.LA.2.W
    2nd Grade
    1st Grade
    3rd Grade
    3rd Grade