Resource DVIA: Grade 1: Math Non-Standard Measurement
DVIA: Grade 1: Math Non-Standard Measurement
  • Created By Jose Arias
  • Description:
    This activity is a way to tie the plant life cycle with math. Non-standard units of measure are objects such as paper clips, highlighters, and unifix cubes. In this activity, students will use household objects to measure plants in their home or in their yard. By using non-standard units of measure to measure the same plant, students will understand that using non-standard units of measurement will yield different measurements. Using non-standard measurement prepares students for understanding the importance of standard units of measure.
  • Purpose:
    Students will:
    - learn how to use non-standard measurement to measure plants
    - gain an understanding of the importance of standard measurement
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CACCCS.MA.1.1.MD
    1st Grade
    1st Grade