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Resource WORKSHEETS: Decimal Multiplication
WORKSHEETS: Decimal Multiplication
  • Created By Ashley Scott
  • Description:
    This resource consists of three worksheets from Math-Drills.com on multiplying decimals. One of the worksheets features multiplication of decimals by whole numbers. Another focuses on multiplication of decimals by decimals. The final worksheet has expressions of decimals multiplied by decimals of random digits. All worksheets have the answers attached. These worksheets are meant to be used independently by students who have already learned strategies for multiplying decimals. A multiplication chart is included in this resource for students who are not yet able to retrieve multiplication facts with automaticity.
  • Purpose:
    To practice decimal multiplication.
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CACCCS.MA.5.5.NBT.7
    5th Grade
    5th Grade
    5th Grade

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