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Resource VIDEO: Multiplying Mixed Numbers
VIDEO: Multiplying Mixed Numbers
  • Created By Ashley Scott
  • Description:
    This Khan Academy video on multiplying mixed numbers is a little over four minutes long. It starts out by converting the mixed numbers to improper fractions for easier multiplication. It gives a brief explanation of whole numbers that justifies the reasoning behind the way the mixed numbers are converted. It then multiplies the improper fractions by multiplying the numerators and denominators. This video is best used as extra support after students have already been introduced to the concept of multiplying fractions and the idea of mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  • Purpose:
    Understand a way of multiplying two mixed numbers.
  • Targets: Student
  • Standards:
  • CACCCS.MA.5.5.NF.4.a
    5th Grade
    5th Grade
    5th Grade

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