Resource DVIA: Grade 1 - 2: Stem - The Celery Experiment
DVIA: Grade 1 - 2: Stem - The Celery Experiment
  • Created By Jose Arias
  • Description:
    In this activity, students will observe how water is transported through the plant. Using food coloring and celery, this fun experiment will help your students see how water travels up the stem and and into the leaves of a plant. Students should be introduced to the work XYLEM. XYLEM are the tubes that carry water through the stem and into the leaves. Students will be able to identify the XYLEM by cutting the celery in half. The colored dots they observe are the XYLEM.
  • Purpose:
    Students will learn:
    - how water travels through a plant.
    - a new vocabulary word, XYLEM, and its definition.
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards: