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Resource "Real-world Writing Purposes" scavenger hunt recorder
"Real-world Writing Purposes" scavenger hunt recorder
  • Created By Alec Patton
  • Description:
    This is a graphic organizer.

    Note on format: I do all my work in Google Docs, and when I convert docs to Microsoft Word, the formatting gets weird. For this reason, I’ve included both the word doc and a link to the original Google Doc.
  • Purpose:
    This graphic organizer is designed for students to use when looking through newspapers and magazines for examples of the six "real-world writing purposes" (which I got from Kelly Gallagher).

    Note: the first time students do this, they will misidentify lots of articles, so make sure to provide time after this session to debrief and come to a shared understanding about what the categories mean.
  • Targets: Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CCSS.LA.11-12.RL.RRL
    11th Grade, 12th Grade