Resource VISUALS: Subtraction of Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
VISUALS: Subtraction of Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
  • Created By Ashley Scott
  • Description:
    These are images of various ways to represent multi-digit subtraction with regrouping for students who are just getting started learning the standard algorithm or for parents/teachers who are wondering about the best way to represent multi-digit subtraction for students. These images can also be used as examples for students to see how to show their mathematical reasoning when performing multi-digit subtraction with regrouping on whole numbers.
  • Purpose:
    To help students visualize multi-digit subtraction with regrouping.
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CACCCS.MA.2.2.NBT.7
    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade
    3rd Grade
    4th Grade

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