Resource WORKSHEETS: Subtraction of Like and Unlike Fractions
WORKSHEETS: Subtraction of Like and Unlike Fractions
  • Created By Ashley Scott
  • Description:
    These two worksheets from focus on subtraction of like and unlike fractions. The first worksheet is a mix of problems involving like denominators of proper and improper fractions. The second worksheet focuses exclusively on subtraction of unlike proper and improper fractions. These worksheets are best completed independently as independent practice after students have already been exposed to subtraction of fraction strategies, such as finding the LCD (least common denominator), ECD (easiest common denominator), and cross-multiplication. Answer keys are attached.
  • Purpose:
    To practice strategies for subtracting like and unlike fractions.
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CACCCS.MA.4.4.NF.3.a
    4th Grade
    4th Grade
    4th Grade
    5th Grade
    5th Grade

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