Resource VIDEO: Multi-Digit Subtraction
VIDEO: Multi-Digit Subtraction
  • Created By Ashley Scott
  • Description:
    This video from Math Antics briefly (6:56 sec) teaches students how to use the standard subtraction algorithm to subtract multi-digit whole numbers. By the end of this video, students should understand that, after taking the value of the subtrahend away from the value of the minuend, the result represents the difference, or the answer to a subtraction problem. Students should also be able solve multi-digit subtraction problems and explain their mathematical reasoning in words.
  • Purpose:
    To learn a strategy (standard algorithm) for multi-digit subtraction.
  • Targets: Student, Parent, Teacher
  • Standards:
    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade
    3rd Grade
    4th Grade

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