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Resource Field Guide to Awesome Beginnings and Endings
Field Guide to Awesome Beginnings and Endings
  • Created By Alec Patton
  • Description:
    This "field guide" was generated by students (and compiled by me). It is DEFINITELY NOT comprehensive, but it provides a good base to build from.

    Note on format: I do all my work in Google Docs, and when I convert docs to Microsoft Word, the formatting gets weird. For this reason, I’ve included both the word doc and a link to the original Google Doc.
  • Purpose:
    Students can use this field guide to figure out great ways to begin and end their pieces of writing.

    Even better, students can generate their own field guide, using the "Beginnings and Endings graphic organizer" that appears in the "We Chose Our Own Adventures" playlist along with this resource.
  • Targets: Teacher
  • Standards:
  • CCSS.LA.11-12.RL.CS
    11th Grade, 12th Grade