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Playlist KLA Reading | Literature | 211-220
Evaluate Character Development
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  • Description:
    1. View the slideshow and take notes on the 8 methods of characterization.
    2. Read notes about the 5 PAIRS methods of characterization.
    3. Complete PAIRS Characterization Graphic Organizer
    4. Read the short story "The Story of Arachne, the Weaver."
    5. Based on the story of Arachne and Athena, describe the characters using the graphic organizer.
  • Purpose:
    Students will identify and define methods of characterization using the PAIRS characterization cycle.
    Students will describe PAIRS character traits at the beginning and end of a story and explain how and why the characters changed.
  • Targets: Student
  • Standards:
  • CCCS.LA.8.RL.3
    8th Grade

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