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Playlist KLA Reading | Literature | 211-220
Hey, What's the Big (Main) Idea!?
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  • Description:
    1. Read and take careful notes about how to determine the main idea of a passage. Be sure to read and take notes on the follow-up articles linked from the original. Be especially careful to take good notes on the two follow-up articles, titled "How to Find the Implied Main Idea" and "How to Find the Stated Main Idea."
    2. Read and take careful notes about the article "How to Avoid Common Main Idea Mistakes."
    3. Complete the practice worksheets, checking your answers at the end of each item.
  • Purpose:
    1 and 2. Students will define main idea by taking careful notes.
    3. Students will identify main idea in a variety of texts.
  • Targets: Student
  • Standards:
  • CCCS.LA.8.RL.2
    8th Grade
    8th Grade

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