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Playlist 4th Grade: Amazing Race California: California Study
4th Grade: Amazing Race California: California Study
Project Overview/Planning
Storyboard and Brainstorm
California History

Students used a number of resources to acquire information. They then used this information to create an iMovie depicting the information they learned in an amusing, educational way.

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Writing Integration

Students created personal narratives about themselves and their family. They used the writing process to create drafts, critique, edit, revise, and publish. Included you will find a student generated rubric, writing samples, and writing prompts.

Math Integration

Students worked on a number of mathematical elements to create a giant California Puzzle.

Visual Art Integration

Students used Modge Podge and Matte Medium to transfer images from Laser Printed Documents onto wood puzzle pieces.

Online Resources

California History Student Videos

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California Natural Resources

California Innovations